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Agribusiness has been around as a concept for ages.

As it was understood in 1957, agribusiness is the business of agricultural production. While not being used in direct connection to actual farm working, the process encompasses literally everything.

Yet, so many want to keep applying 1957 beliefs to 2019. When has that worked for any other industry? If aviation still acted like it did in 1957, then the airways would only be for the wealthy on slow moving puddle hoppers.

Corn field with horses symbolizing agribusiness


It’s 2019 and digital marketing is here to break that mentality. When you meet with Fastline Digital, our first true dive into your site will be the fastcheck marketing health check. For some, it will be enlightening, and others will find it scary. What digital marketing agencies want you to do is find it sustainable.

Sustainability goes far beyond how a farmer treats his land. It’s about the mentality that allows the agricultural world to exist through families and similar bonds throughout the centuries. Digital marketing will work together with your business.


Agribusiness has gone digital slowly and it’s time to kick things up to the next level. Your clients are remote, hard-working folk that still have the needs and wants of their urban contemporaries. While Jimmy in Boston gets bombarded with advertisements, it’s a bit harder to sell to Joe in La Grange.

But, Joe and Jimmy still have that same smartphone in their pocket. When you can’t hit them with a TV ad, a radio ad or even the same magazine ads…they’re always going to see that digital ad on their mobile phone.

Agribusiness needs to constantly innovate and incorporate a variety of advertising platforms into their marketing solutions. You’re trying to sell a captive audience that doesn’t always have time to be captive. Free-roaming men and women working the land don’t have time to sit through your thirty second commercial. It’s planting season!

But, they’re checking crop reports, reading news and keeping an eye on the weather. A proper digital marketing agency will show you how to get your ads on those services and how to follow said farmer’s traffic pattern.

The Fastline Marketing Group drive is to follow user intent rather than dictate patterns. The Ag customer runs free and we have the best methods of keeping up. Accelerate your approach with Fastline Marketing Group today.


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