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What is PPC?

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What is PPC?

PPC or Pay-per-Click is a marketing channel that involves paying a cost per each ad click.

Why is PPC important to Ag Marketing?

Farm or Ag Marketing thrives with PPC. Meaning that the rapid fire nature of PPC gets you in front of more customers faster at key seasons and times around the year. While it’s best to build a long-term plan, PPC can aid during those peak planting and harvest seasons.

Paid Digital Media

PPC Best Practices

Define your Ag audience

When you begin with PPC, it’s best to define your Ag audience. Are you working with customers that know what they want and are trying to find it fast enough? Or are you dealing with customers making major purchases that require research and planning? Speed tends to favor PPC.

Create the best User Experience to aid your Paid goals

PPC thrives in two parts. The first part is the ad that is carefully crafted and designed to entice the targeted customer and bring them onto the site.

User Experience comes into play when the customer clicks through the ad and lands on the site. Most PPC marketing strategies fall apart when the actual business site can’t support the traffic or aligns with the goals of the PPC ad.

Develop your PPC marketing plan

PPC Marketing requires clear planning from the start. When developing your PPC marketing plan with a partner like Fastline Marketing Group, you need to clear these objectives.

  • Will PPC increase my traffic?
  • Will PPC drive leads?
  • Can PPC help build brand awareness?
  • How will PPC generate revenue?

Making PPC work for you

As you finish asking What is PPC? Fastline Marketing Group hopes they left you in a better and more informed place. Feel free to contact us today to learn about this and other digital marketing endeavors.


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