Paid Digital Media

Fastline Marketing Group dominates the Ag community’s Paid Digital Media

Paid Digital Media is one of the major digital marketing strategies. Learn what Fastline Marketing Group can do to help your Ag business get the jump on the competition.

Grow your website with Paid Digital Media fundamentals

What Fastline Marketing Group offers in Paid Digital Media

  • Smart Banners
  • PPC/Display
  • Fascebook/Social Media Ads

Appear Faster Than Ever with the Online Ag Market

Learn how to produce results with a well-proven Paid Digital Media strategy. Drive impressions and clicks through targeted campaigns on Google, Facebook and other avenues back to your site.

Fastline Paid Digital Media Resources

  • What is PPC?
  • Developing a PPC Strategy
  • Knowing which PPC format works for you
  • What can PPC Search do for me?
  • What can PPC Display do for me?
  • Would Paid Social Ads benefit my business?


Brand Awareness is increased up to 80% by Google PPC ads

Brand Awareness is driven by PPC with Paid Advertising returning $2 for every $1 spent on a national average.

  • 200%

    On average, Paid Advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent. A 200% ROI.

  • 53%

    53% of Paid Clicks are made on mobile devices

  • 24%

    24% of all on-page conversions are attributed to Paid Digital Media

Why you should create a PPC campaign with Fastline Marketing Group

Fastline Marketing Group is your Ag leader in Paid Digital Marketing, but what makes us #1?

  • As Google Partners, we’re at the forefront to meet the demands of the 90% of the customer base actively using both major PPC networks.
  • Currently beating industry averages in PPC across the United States for a third consecutive year.
  • 44 years of experience bringing the best of the Traditional Ag Space into the new Digital Landscape.

All things PPC

Fastline Marketing Group is here for you to reach your Search and Display potential

  • Paid Digital Media
    Paid Digital Media

    PPC or traditional paid digital media is meant to bring potential customers to your site faster than average.

  • In-AGGI-influnsed-sales-from--34-identified-users
    Smart Banners

    Smart Banners are an exciting new way to reach the Paid Digital Media market.

  • Social Media
    Social Media Ads

    Social Media Ads blend the best of social media with the targeted speed of Pay-per-Click.

The Fastline Paid Digital Media approach

4 easy steps to improve Paid Digital Media marketing

  • Discovering business needs

    Not every site will have the same PPC strategy. Our Paid Digital Media specialists will walk you through what is needed for greater ROI.

  • Highlighting what makes your business unique

    If Paid Digital Media users get to your site faster, then they have to know what makes you special faster.

  • Defining your best Paid Digital Media opportunities

    If your customers aren’t on Twitter, then don’t buy Twitter ads. Go where your audience exists.

  • Executing your Paid Digital Media strategy

    It’s one thing to plan and another to do it. Take action today!

Effective Paid Digital Media. Happy Clients.

How Paid improves your Ag business

Paid Digital Media has changed the face of Ag digital marketing. Gone are the days of having to hunt for bargains, customers and everything in-between. Now, your next greatest sale is the power and the speed of the Internet away from your front door.

Whether you’re capturing them on Google, Facebook or parts unknown, Fastline Marketing Group has defined the strategies needed for you to win.

Even if you’re currently engaged in a paid media strategy that doesn’t seem to be hitting on all cylinders, we would like to take a look. After all, a second set of experienced eyes always helps.

Now, that we have introduced ourselves, the next steps are up to you. Feel free to reach out and speak to Fastline Marketing Group today. Use our expertise and long standing in the Ag field to take you from local favorite and into national Ag business superstars.

We’d love to show your business how good things can be on-line!