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How to sell your farm equipment online

By October 30, 2023No Comments

Today, we begin a new series at Fastline Marketing Group about how to sell your farm equipment online. While there are multiple strategies, venues and methods to allow you to sell your farm equipment, let’s discuss which options might work for you.

Part 1 – Starting A Business Website

The first thing you need to do is create a website showcasing your equipment. This is like your own personal online showroom! Make sure to include plenty of photos and detailed descriptions of each piece. This helps potential buyers know exactly what they’d be getting.

When taking photos, get high resolution, clear shots from multiple angles. You want buyers to see everything the machine has to offer. Stage the equipment in an attractive setting if possible. Clean it up real nice too. You’d wash and polish it for an in-person viewing, so do the same for your website photos.

For descriptions, note the make, model, year, hours, horsepower, implement compatibility, and any special features. Provide detailed specs but also include a summary like “Low hour diesel tractor ready for heavy fieldwork.”

Once your website is up and running, it’s time to drive traffic to it. Most folks find equipment online by searching Google and other search engines. So you need to make sure your site and listings can be easily found in searches. Use relevant keywords like the equipment type, brand, features, location, etc. The keywords should naturally flow in your text – no overstuffing!

You can also generate interest by listing equipment for sale on sites like and These are like online farm equipment malls where you’ll get exposure to tons of buyers.

Social media is another great free marketing tool. Create pages showcasing your current inventory. Post regularly about new arrivals, sales events, customer testimonials, etc.

Once you start getting inquiries, reply promptly! In the internet age, people expect fast response times. Provide any additional details requested and be flexible on options like shipping. Ask questions too to learn what the buyer is looking for.

When it comes time to negotiate and finalize a sale, communicate clearly through email or over the phone. Unlike in-person dealings, you won’t be able to read facial expressions or body language. So make sure both parties are on the same page about pricing, payment, delivery, warranties, etc. Send invoices promptly and provide shipping updates if applicable.

There is even more in regards to how to sell your farm equipment online

I know some of you may still prefer doing business face-to-face and that’s just fine. But give the online route a chance and you might just be surprised by the new opportunities. The internet has allowed farmers to connect with buyers from all over the country. I’ve sold equipment to places I never would have reached before! And contrary to what some think, you can still build relationships and provide top quality service, just virtually.

So don’t be intimidated by technology. With a little help, selling equipment online is easier than you think. Just focus on showing off your inventory, communicating clearly, and providing great customer service.

Next time: How to sell your farm equipment online Part 2: larger websites and more!


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