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Fastline Auctions partners with DPA Auctions!

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DPA Auctions and Fastline Auctions Join Forces to Revolutionize Ag Equipment Auctions:  


November 2, 2023, Fremont, NE – DPA Auctions, a premier online equipment auction platform, is thrilled to declare its collaboration with Fastline Auctions, a division of Fastline Marketing Group. This strategic alignment marks a significant milestone for both companies, uniting the strengths of two industry giants to provide a fantastic auctioning experience. This partnership is set to reshape the landscape of equipment auctions and provide immense benefits to both buyers and sellers throughout North America. 

With 45 years of experience, Fastline has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the agricultural industry and farming community. On top of holding the largest agriculture equipment audience in North America, boasting an impressive 20-25 million annual views on their website alone, they offer comprehensive marketing services highlighting their clients in physical print and digital settings.  

DPA has solidified its reputation in the agricultural sector, serving as a trusted pillar in the nation’s auction community for over five decades. Attracting an impressive 2.5 million online engagements each month, DPA Auctions showcases a wide variety of equipment to a broad audience, spanning both national and international boundaries. 

Together, DPA and Fastline share a commitment to empowering farmers, both as buyers and sellers, with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, and they are proud to partner to further this mission.  

The specific alignment sees Fastline utilizing DPA’s state-of-the-art auction platform and combining the auction expertise of DPA with the audience power of Fastline. This union elevates the values and bids associated with DPA Auctions, making it a go-to destination for the agriculture equipment marketplace. 

Fastline’s extensive marketing network will redirect a substantial volume of potential buyers and sellers to the DPA platform, augmenting the reach and visibility of our auctions. With a combined social media following of over 400,000 and 125,000 opted-in email subscribers, this partnership taps into one of the US’s largest and most engaged AG audiences.  

Fastline’s audience will be able to take full advantage of DPA’s seamless Live Auction Board, a revolutionary innovation that brings the adrenaline of on-site auctions to the digital space. With a massive community of up to 75,000 participants a month already participating in the live bidding, the influx of buyers and sellers means there will be a lot more opportunities for everyone to be able to get what they want out of the auction experience.  

The partnership should excite buyers and sellers alike: Sellers can look forward to unprecedented exposure and engagement of their equipment from Fastline’s vast audience, leading to higher values and more competitive bids, while buyers will have access to an extensive selection of equipment, with the assurance of quality and authenticity that comes from both companies.  

Fastline and DPA’s partnership exemplifies our unwavering dedication to the industry and our unrelenting commitment to providing the best possible services. The partnership signals a new era in the agriculture equipment auction industry, combining experience, reach, and innovation to deliver maximum benefits to sellers and buyers. The partnership creates a powerful alliance set to redefine the industry’s standards and continue to revolutionize online auctioning.  

About Fastline: 

Fastline is North America’s premier resource for buying and selling new and used agricultural equipment, connecting buyers and sellers with the most extensive audience in the industry. Fastline has been at the forefront of the ag equipment marketplace for over a century and continues to innovate the industry. 

For more information on Fastline and its publication, visit and

About DPA Auctions: 

DPA Auctions is a leading provider of agriculture equipment auctions, known for its commitment to excellence and industry expertise. With a dedication to serving both buyers and sellers, DPA Auctions offers a platform that revolutionizes the way agricultural equipment is bought and sold. 

For more information on DPA and its auction platform, visit


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