Apr 25

The future of Agribusiness is Digital Marketing

Agribusiness has been around as a concept for ages.

As it was understood in 1957, agribusiness is the business of agricultural production. While not being used in direct connection to actual farm working, the process encompasses literally everything.

Yet, so many want to keep applying 1957 beliefs to 2019. When has that worked for any other industry? If aviation still acted like it did in 1957, then the airways would only be for the wealthy on slow moving puddle hoppers.

Corn field with horses symbolizing agribusiness


It’s 2019 and digital marketing is here to break that mentality. When you meet with Fastline Digital, our first true dive into your site will be the fastcheck marketing health check. For some, it will be enlightening, and others will find it scary. What digital marketing agencies want you to do is find it sustainable.

Sustainability goes far beyond how a farmer treats his land. It’s about the mentality that allows the agricultural world to exist through families and similar bonds throughout the centuries. Digital marketing will work together with your business.


Agribusiness has gone digital slowly and it’s time to kick things up to the next level. Your clients are remote, hard-working folk that still have the needs and wants of their urban contemporaries. While Jimmy in Boston gets bombarded with advertisements, it’s a bit harder to sell to Joe in La Grange.

But, Joe and Jimmy still have that same smartphone in their pocket. When you can’t hit them with a TV ad, a radio ad or even the same magazine ads…they’re always going to see that digital ad on their mobile phone.

Agribusiness needs to constantly innovate and incorporate a variety of advertising platforms into their marketing solutions. You’re trying to sell a captive audience that doesn’t always have time to be captive. Free-roaming men and women working the land don’t have time to sit through your thirty second commercial. It’s planting season!

But, they’re checking crop reports, reading news and keeping an eye on the weather. A proper digital marketing agency will show you how to get your ads on those services and how to follow said farmer’s traffic pattern.

The Fastline Marketing Group drive is to follow user intent rather than dictate patterns. The Ag customer runs free and we have the best methods of keeping up. Accelerate your approach with Fastline Marketing Group today.

Apr 23

Agricultural Marketing Dominates The Future


Agricultural Marketing isn’t new. One can research dozens upon dozens of magazine ads from the 18th century to present day. That which is farmed, still holds dominion over our lives.

Cut to the present day and our crop friends can’t compete with iPhones and other gadgets. Why is that? Well, the answer is simple. Crops don’t have a marketing budget.

When you move product, it helps to have a consumer base that understands and wants it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a little money to throw around in the name of Public Relations. The agricultural field is working to grow its consumer base and marketing to a larger demographic is the way to accomplish this growth.


Teenagers aren’t squealing over this year’s corn prices. They want ripped jeans and iPhones. You might say that teenagers aren’t your core customer base; but these kids today are your potential clients tomorrow. Focusing on only a core customer base does not lend itself to growth in the market.

Agricultural Marketing must work with the Ag stakeholders to create a better industry; an industry that will appeal to many generations to come.

This means acknowledging that it’s time to make a jump. It means that you’re approaching a time where you can stick with dwindling methods or approach new ways to prosper. Innovation is a key to success in any market.

Your customers have been digital for years, now they’re going predominantly mobile. Could you tell me what the mobile version of your site looks like right now? Is there a good chance that a customer might find an error if they went there?


The future is now. Ag has relied on tradition and hard work for many years, but the paradigm has shifted. Tradition and hard work can be combined with a digital marketing strategy to give consumers the best experience possible from beginning to end. While the customer has always been right, they have never been this connected.

Agricultural Marketing addresses this connected consumer base by being the answer before the question is asked. Omnipresence is the future of agricultural digital marketing. If the average person can farm and cultivate the land in a variety of ways, then Ag marketing must be there with them every step of the way.

Rural farmers need to have someone that can advertise and reach them when they are tucked away in a field. What about our friends growing out in Hawaii and Alaska? How do you reach them with mainland deals and products? By the ads served on their phones and related devices.

When you look around at modern youth, it might seem like things have changed too fast. While it might have, these young people are just making the shifts that come with any prosperous era. That youthful zeal to find information out instantly can be coupled with your desire to sell.

Just think of it! If the future is here and it’s based on instantaneous knowledge, then take advantage. Get those kids looking at tractors and combines. If you don’t…somebody else will.

Dec 11

Call to Action: 4 Best Ways to Success

Use the following best practices to create digital campaign assets to successfully promote your product or service.

Display advertising can be great for direct response campaigns designed to drive website traffic or a specific action on your site, like an email signup or coupon download. And, display can also help increase campaign efficiency when used in conjunction with a tactic such as video or paid social media.

There are a number of steps to planning and purchasing the display campaign before you create the banner ads.


First, you need to identify your target audience, including demographics, behavior and geography.  Once you have defined your audience, you need to determine which landing page you will send the campaign traffic as well as your KPI or Key Performance Indicator. This can be a click, coupon download, purchases, etc. Establishing your goals upfront will help your partners optimize the campaign to deliver the best possible results. But, after you have spent so much time on campaign planning, don’t short-change your media buy with poorly designed banner ads.

Consider the following tips to help get the most out of your digital display campaign.


First and foremost, you need a clear call to action. Remember, your banner ad will be competing with various other items on the webpage, so you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. You need to prominently display your CTA button and include a strong reason to click. Clearly communicate the benefit of your offer or information. Using non-committal verbiage like “Learn More” or “Request a Free Quote” instead of “Register Now” or “Buy Now” can also help improve conversion rates.

For example, compare the ads below. The offer and the imagery are similar, but the slight change from “See AARP Visa Rewards” to “Learn More” helped to improve the campaign’s conversion rate.

Call to Action blog 1
Call to Action blog 2


Similar to your call-to-action, your message/offer must be clear and more importantly – concise. A potential customer doesn’t have time to read a lot of copy to understand what you are offering. Focus on developing a strong headline that immediately communicates your offer and intrigues a reader enough to click to learn more.

As an example, compare the following ads. Sephora clearly states the offer and quickly communicates how it can be redeemed, compared to the ad for a local mortgage broker that doesn’t provide an offer or call-to-action at all.  You don’t need to put all of your information in your banner ad – you just need to motive a potential customer to click through to your landing page.

Call to Action blog 3
Call to Action blog 4


Make sure your display banner ads also have the same look and feel as your other campaign assets as well as your landing page. This will help maintain brand consistency and improve the user experience.

And, don’t forget to prominently display your company logo. Your logo adds validity and trust to your banner ads, which a user needs before clicking through to your website.


Don’t just “set it and forget it” when it comes to digital campaigns. Campaign optimizations will not only help you identify your target audience but also refine your creative message. You have the opportunity to test various offers, color schemes, images, etc. and determine the highest performing executions.

I know it’s tempting, but when it comes to developing banner ads for your product or service, don’t simply resize your latest print ad or outdoor board.   Therefore, we ask you to think through the digital experience. Make it as clear and easy as possible for your potential customers to engage with your information. Taking this extra step will help improve the campaign performance and, more importantly, your ROI.

Aug 19

Back to School with Fastline Marketing Group


As summer ends, Fastline Marketing Group is ready to help you hit the books. The Fall means Harvest, but it also means looking ahead to next year. What do you plan on doing differently for 2020? If you don’t have a plan, do you mind if Fastline Marketing Group makes some agricultural marketing suggestions?


Do you want to be seen this year and next? Well, what are you going to do to get that attention? While there might seem to be a new marketing strategy every week, the classic standards never change.

Back to School Digital Marketing details

  1. Optimize Your Site Speed
  2. Clean Up On-Site Errors
  3. Optimize Your Images
  4. Ensure Your Site isn’t Running Bloated Code
  5. Limit Your HTTP Requests
  6. Audit Your WordPress Plugins
  7. Optimize Your Site Content


When it comes to Digital Marketing, it doesn’t hurt to have some ideas. If you’re a marketer, you know that everyone has ideas. Some are willing to share, while others take some prodding. Either way it goes, the time is now to get those thoughts out in the open.

Your online site is another location for your store. As such, treat it with the same panache you have for your brick and mortar sales. If you see that customers are buying products in pairs, try a promo to help move inventory. If the New Holland products aren’t moving, study the shopping patterns. There are so many fascinating things you can do with theories.

What’s even more important is that your marketing team has a variety of metrics, conversions tables and real-time traffic monitoring to help you follow the money. If they don’t, then maybe it’s time to talk to Fastline Digital.

Back to School with Internet Marketing


Keyword research drives a lot of marketing. Some keywords are high competition, while others are words and phrases nobody searches for on Google. What does this mean to you? Well, you can try to rank for John Deere all day long. The problem with that is John Deere ranks higher for John Deere. Then, you have to deal with the Fortune 500 armada of Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, Menards and Lowe’s.

While you might have better prices and a down-home sales staff, that won’t make a difference if the Fortune 500 businesses are winning the PPC war over you. What’s an independent Agricultural business to do? The answer is simple.

You diversify your goals by being specific. The big dog corporate sites are going to attack the broad generalities, while you can live in the specifics. After all, do people just type in broad terms for searches? No! They search for what they know.

If customers want a 2019 Kubota Tractor seat, they’re going to search for it. These people don’t have the time to search through pages of random Kubota gear. While the Fortune 500 types want this same market, they have the time and money to brute force attack the situation.

Be smaller, more cunning and agile. Know what moves for your company, write down those keywords and work with your marketing team to plan around them. You might not get every Kubota search in the world, but you’ll get the ones that turn into sales.


Whether you’re a fresh-faced student or a seasoned farming veteran staring down another Harvest, you’re going to need help. The Back to School mentality means acknowledging a lot about yourself. You might have experience and know a thing or two. But, you are there to expand your horizons and knowledge base.

Just like most marketers won’t pretend to know how to service a skid steer getting stuck in hard clay. Some things are just out of your wheelhouse. But, that’s fine. Working as a team is how this country moves forward and produces better citizens.

If you know that your website could be better, even if you just want to see what can be done to get those numbers up, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You never know who might be listening.


Everyone loves learning something new. People like learning something before others can. That’s called having an advantage. Take what we talked about here and it apply to what else you can learn on our website.