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Where website visitors & data intersect.


Supportive plans & helpful options

AGGI at Fastline is designed to bring you next-level marketing by understanding the data produced by your consumer community.

What is AGGI?

AGGI is Fastline’s premiere answer to maximizing your customer data. Anonymous website visitors are identified with attributes that allows marketing campaigns to be established.

Is AGGI right for me?

AGGI has the potential to bring customer data at scale to any business. If you’re not sure that your business is size for AGGI, we recommend scheduling a call to discuss what can be customized.

Understand your data on a next-gen level

Built with data analysis in mind, AGGI allows you new insight into the customer consideration, purchase and acquisition phases.

High level Data Reports You Can Understand

Data is King. It’s time to take account, how much you are working with, what can be done with it and how to use it for improved ROI.

Talk to Fastline Marketing Group to begin your AGGI campaign

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